The three 
Magi, wise men from afar,
Caspar, Malchior and old Balthasar,
These Zoroastrian astrologers,
Each knew when they saw the star,

The meaning of this celestial sight,
Shining, inviting, in the night,
A sign calling in the west,
And blessing them with holy light.

They knew at once that it was best,
To sell the houses that they possessed.
For to follow this starry light,
Was to be their sacred quest.

And with everything they sold,
They bought frankincense, myrrh and gold,
On swiftest camels they could find,
They packed provisions for the road.

At first their wives said "Unload those camels!
Your taking our firewood and candles,
Our astrolabes and cooking pots,
Bedspreads, blanketsets, and flannels.

It's winter and you're taking all the furs?
Since when were you desert travelers?"
But the shining wonder in their eyes
Persuaded all these challengers.

“Always keep your star in view.
Let this light guide all you do.
Let it lead your sacred quest.
And let the light shine in you.”


Their caravan crossed dark and darker lands,
Through a wilderness of snow and sand,
Guided by the orient of light,
Their path they came to understand.

As the days grew shorter into night,
They came to Persia and a rare delight:
The palace city of Persepolis
Filled with riches shining bright.

They turned and returned to their goal,
The distant star that pulled their soul.
But the ziggurats of Babylon
Next tested their self-control.

A wealthy and luxurious place,
Filled with pleasures for every taste,
A library of famous scrolls,
But they had no time to waste.

They passed gardens filled with song.
They had listened to camel hooves so long,
that to hear trumpets and tambourines,
The temptation was so strong,

Inviting them to stop and rest.
But these thoughts they did suppress,
Kicked their camels onward still,
And continued on their holy quest.

“Always keep your star in view
Let this light guide all you do.
Let it lead your sacred quest
And let the light shine in you.”


The road grew long before these three men.
It took them round and back again.
The snow fell harder with each dark night,
Storm clouds covered the stars and then,

Caspar drew up his reigns with fright.
He could no longer see the light.
Each one pointed a different way,
And soon they began to fight.

"We must turn back,” Malchior rushed to say.
"No let us make camp and stay,
Until we catch sight of the star;
There's nothing to do but pray."

"I can tell you where we are,"
Said shaking weary Balthazar.
"We have found the eternal night
By following that star.”

But just as they almost lost their heart,
The stormy clouds began to part.
Unveiling the night sky.
And star shining through the dark.

The magnificent light had grown,
Through the clouds it brightly shown,
Illuminating all the sandy dunes,
And reflecting in the snow.

Around them the whole world shimmered,
Brightly in their eyes it glimmered,
And in luminous reverie,
They made their way through the blizzard.

Through the snow they found the manger square,
Aglow in this bright world they had dared,
To cross all obstacles to come and find:
A light divine beyond compare.

“Always keep your star in view
Let the light guide all you do.
Let it lead your sacred quest
And let the light shine in you.”


“As we three entered the holy land,
We might have expected something grand:
A great palace fit for a king.
Instead through the snow and sand,

We found a warm but humble stable,
A few shepherds at the table,
And there the peaceful child slept,
With a manger for his cradle.

The babe glowed with a light surreal.
We realized this was the ideal.
Between a young mother and kind father,
We approached and bowed to kneel.

A wonder beyond Babylon and Persepolis,
For the miracle was really this:
The brightest light shines upon,
A family’s simple bliss.

We offered our gifts so they might thrive,
And through this dark world survive.
For in their perfect innocence,
The light had been revived.

Always keep your star in view
Let the light guide all you do.
Let it lead your sacred quest
And let the light shine in you.”