The day before he was killed, Martin Luther King gave a speech. He said that if he could choose to spend his life at any time in all of human history, he would choose to live in this time. Because this time that we are living in is the most important time in all of history. For years people have been talking about war and peace.  But in this time there is no longer a choice between violence and non-violence. It is non-violence or non-existence. If we do not create peace and justice for all people all over the world, then we are doomed to destroy ourselves.

But even though our world is so afflicted, Martin Luther King thanked God for allowing him to live a few years in this time, to participate in what is unfolding. And we are also blessed to be living in this time.  And we also have this incredible opportunity to participate in the fate of humanity.

We have descended from the stars.   We have evolved through the forms of thousands of animals. We have passed through the lives of our ancestors, our grandparents, and our parents.  And now we have been born into the moment of our supreme existence. We have a life, which is the most precious gift in the universe. And we are living in what is perhaps the most important time in human history.  Why have we come here?

To be entertained? To collect money? To fight with one another? No. I believe each of us has an important destiny to participate consciously and purposefully in creating the future of humanity and of our planet.  But we must decide to seize that destiny.  No one will do it for us.  And this time, this life, this present moment is our only chance.